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Friday, June 6, 2014


Is there anything more beautiful than hands that reach out to you?

 Hands of a spouse that hold your hand...and you know these hands have labored for you.

Hands of your children. One of the first memories of each of our three children and our seven grandchildren were their soft, sweet little hands...yes...there were ten tiny fingers. When their hand tightened on my heart leaped with joy from their touch.

Hands of greeting. The first time you meet someone and your hands meet in recognition.

The hands of friendship.  When you are hurting and a friend places their hand over yours.  

The touch of healing. When you are sick or going through something and your friends surround you with prayer and lay their hands on you.

Most of all there are the Hands of God. Knowing I am in His Hands. Placing my cares, my loved ones, all that matters to me into His Hands.

The Hands of our Savior who bears the scars for our salvation.

The Hands that place His salvation and healing touch on our hearts.

How beautiful are the Hands that created you and me.

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