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Friday, October 18, 2013


I am writing on Five minute Friday...the subject this morning is "Laundry."


Loads of laundry. A family of five.  There were the first days of my first baby. In those days we used cloth diapers..(Hold on) I rinsed them in the stool...I know...I hands were raw and red. Then I put the diapers into a diaper pail, until I got them washed.  After I washed them in the wash machine then I folded them and we began all over again.

After our daughter, we had two sons...13 months apart.  I had TWO in diapers. Double rinsing in the stool...double the wash...and double the folding.

Through the years...there was always a lot of laundry...ahhh...a sign of a family of five.  It seemed like I always had a load in the washer.  We have gone through many wash machines and dryers through the years.

 This morning our house is very quiet.  We will be married 50 years next month (Thank the Lord). Now my husband does
his own laundry and I do mine. At the moment the washer and dryer are quiet.

I do wash towels TWICE a week. My husband will say can you wait until tomorrow to do the towels...I have ONE more to put in with them.

I miss the loads of laundry...not really the work...I miss our children who now are in their own homes...doing loads of their own laundry;.

I miss the days of 'LAUNDRY".

Gloria Sherlene

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