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Friday, October 25, 2013


Our Grandsons college graduation...a great get together

This morning is five minutes Friday with Lisa Bakers blog...the subject is "Together."

I am a social person. I love being "Together" with others.

As a child, I was very lonely. I changed schools 14 times. I would just begin to "belong" when my roots

would  be pulled up and I would begin the process of trying to "belong" again.

I have a heart for people who are lonely. I want every one to feel that they belong..

I have a family now.  I love our get "TOGETHERS". It is wonderful to have a family to love. A family

where  you know you "BELONG."

I want to give them love.  I want them to know I will always love them. I want to always be there for them.

I also want to be a good friend. I want others to know how important they are. How much God

loves them and how unique they are.

I love the word..."TOGETHER."

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