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Saturday, February 16, 2013



Gloria Phifer

The clock ticked on the kitchen wall...eleven PM. I yawned, as my stepdad reviewed math problems with me, over and over again. For some reason, I never knew why, he thought I wasn't good at math. I was seven years old.

I remember having night mares at that time. As I think back, they all had to do with "Math." One, I had many times, was a farmer who had a big pie. It had to be cut into exactly the right size and each size was a fraction. I would wake up in a sweat. Another one that bothered me was the number 8 hated the number 5. (Yes, I think I was a little traumatized...late nights and all.)

I have found report cards... Parents: "how is Gloria doing in math?"
Teacher..."Gloria, is doing fine in math."
Quess what? I grew up thinking I wasn't good in "Math!" In fact I hated even the idea of "Math!"

I changed schools fourteen times. In highschool, I had just begun an Algebra class.
We moved. I never got the basics. In my next school I was far behind in the class. I never approached the teacher, to tell her I had no idea how to do Algebra. No! I flunked! But, if your not good at math why should that be a surprise?

After my husband and I had children and they began going to school, I realized how smart they were. One was even "gifted and talented," the school system said.
One day a friend said to me, "you know you are really smart." WHAT????

Some times you wonder why the light bulbs don't go off sooner. But, when you believe a need a revelation.

I was sitting at my desk, at the community college. I worked in the Business the ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT. As I was balancing my work, which I did every day...A light bulb of revelation..."I use math everyday...I have made a living for 15 years in the accounting department. Also, I recalled being a teller in the bank and handing money and balancing  my figures every day.

It always takes the Truth to set you free. I had believed a lie. How many lies do we believe? How many lies hold us back?

Believe the best...even of yourself...the truth will set you free.

(Hand me my calculator please. LOL)
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