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Friday, October 12, 2012


  This perishable container I live in was given to me by the Lord.  It has been serviceable to me through
 the years.  Made of earth and clay, it moves and breathes.  I use it to function in this world.  I thank the Lord for my container...for it is part of me.
In my perishable container I have a precious jewel: my Greatest Treasure.  Safe within my heart the Treasure abides...shining for all to see.

This Treasure is living, powerful, and true.  It is enduring, nonperishable, and will never tarnish or
fade away.

Through the years it has become even more valuable to me.  As a Pearl of Great Price, all earthly possessions dim before it.

Although valuable, the Treasure is not to be kept only for myself, but to be shared with others.  The more I share this Treasure, the more beautiful it becomes.

As a Light, the Treasure shines within me driving back cares and making shadows cease.

Though my walls are perishable, they reflect The Light.  As a Gem, it adorns my vessel, turning my body into a temple.

The windows of my soul have become like stained glass , reflecting the Light, giving off vibrant colors.
It helps me to see the beauty around me and the beauty of the Treasure within me.

My perishable, earthen container will be replaced by a new nonperishable container from God.
Corruption will put on incorruption and mortality will put on immortality. 1 Cor. 15:42-44.
Death will be swallowed up by life.
The Treasure within me will usher me into Eternity.

My greatest Treasure is Jesus Christ.  He lives within my heart: in my perishable container.

He is The Light that shines within me dispelling all darkness, shining for all to see.


11 Corinthians 4:7 and 5:1.

by gloria phifer
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