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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Gloria Phifer

            In the beginning, my life was without shape and void.  Darkness was upon my face and my soul…and the darkness was very deep.  The Spirit of God came to brood over me to bring new life.  Patiently He brooded.  Time and time again He left and returned to brood and wait for the proper temperature, the time when I was ready to receive the change in my life.
            He spoke, “Let there be light!”             
            Light came so softly; the scales on my eyes were removed slowly at first.  As a blind man taken into sight, He brought me gently into light.
            The gentle Dove of the Spirit continued His work in me…shaping…molding…teaching …and still He brooded.  The stirrings of a new life were evident.  The restlessness of my soul, the searching and caring where once I was dead.  As the opening of an egg after the mother dove has sat and warmed and nurtured, as the opening of the a bud which responds to the light of the sun, I opened my closed heart…my chaotic mass of life to my Creator.
            The Dove brooded, never leaving the critical scene.  New birth was born in my darkness.  New life burst into my soul and I was born a second time.  At first only clay and earth but now…spiritual and heavenly.  The Spirit worked, dividing the light and darkness in my life.  He brought spiritual sight…healing the inner recesses…restoring what had been lost and dying without Him.
            As a dove flies off to bring food to the newly born bird, so the Heavenly Dove fed me with the Word.  As wonderful and awe-inspiring as it seems, the Dove made His nest within my newly born spiritual soul.  Never to leave but to always abide, to teach, to longingly look after and to tenderly love.  As One Who is always there to help…He abides within my soul.
            Now my life bears new fruit.  As my life responds to the Son, my branches spring forth.  Roots go ever deeper to the source of life to be watered.  The buds form on my branches and through the elements of the weather and  living, the Spirit brings forth the fruit.  The work is nothing that I do, only to yield myself to the Creator, to respond to the Dove, Who is always creating new life in me, through Jesus Christ the Son.
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