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Friday, June 8, 2012



     Gloria Phifer
            My small, delicate heart was beating in the secret place as the young woman wrestled
With my existence.  I was changing her life.

         I was fearfully and wonderfully made.

            In the darkness, where I was being created and developed, You, my God, were there.

            As I floated in liquid space You watched over me.  The darkness was light to You,
my God.

            You knit all my parts together as Your handiwork.  How marvelous are Your works
Oh my God…my soul knows it very well.  I was not hid from You as I was made in
Secret and fashioned in my mother's womb.
there.  Your eyes were filled with love and acceptance, as You watched my
Formation.  Before I was completely formed, You, my Heavenly Father, wrote all my
Parts in Your Baby Book.

            Your Hand covered and rocked me.  I slept in Your presence.  When I awoke You were still

            Your thoughts were so precious toward me.  There were so many they could not be counted.  They were more then the grains of sand.

            My faithful Father, You rejoiced at my conception, my development, and my delivery
Into this world  as Your child.

            My Papa God, You brought me out of darkness into Your glorious light.

This is written based on Psalm 139...The Lord gave me the revelation that He wanted me and my
life is for Him. And to realize my value to Him.

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