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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

To let you know what your cat is thinking...when he or she is AWAKE

Gloria Phifer

My body wrapped as a ball

on the warm hassack...

far away from barking dogs and prowling cats.

I sleep and sleep


The growls of my stomach

remind me of my afternoon snack!

Slowly I move, stretching my furry, gorgeous frame,

enjoying the essence of my being.

I saunter into the kitchen and check out my bowl...

only to find it empty!!!

Frantically I pace the floor!!!

below the highest kitchen cupboard...

where the "Whiskas" is kept!!!

With one gallant leap I could spring

on high, slap open the cupboard door 

and knock down the box!

But then...I hear the sound of human feet.

The back door opens and a smiling face

speaks my name.

"Meow," I answer patiently, waiting

by my bowl.

(As you may or may not know...I love cats. They are so interesting. And if you have a cat...they let you live with them and FEED them.)

Muffin Joe

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