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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Gloria Phifer

The sun was hot that summer day. I scooped some dirt, mixed it with water and molded my "pottery
clay." They would dry up and the wind would  blow them away. 

"Ding Dong"...the doorbell rang. my mother and brother were taking afternoon naps. I made my way into the cool house and answered the door.

There on the step, were two men and one of our neighbors. Even though I told them my mother was napping they insisted on talking to her.

I woke her up. It was one of those frozen moments when time stands still.  I remember being in the doorway, as my mother screamed in disbelief. 
my step dad had been accidentally electrocuted on his job as a lineman for the Public Service of New Mexico. 

When you are 10 years do you handle death? Despair? Deep sadness" Fear of the unknown?  the biggest change in a young life?

Blown Gloria Phifer

A ten year old plays

on a warm summer day, molding dirt and water into pottery clay.

Awaken napping mother,
sad faces at the door.
Life is changed forevermore.

Flowered laden coffin will soon be past,
Gazing down at white, patent, leather shoes
on tailored green grass.

The pottery rests from no more play.
A child grew old...
on one summer day.

The wind has dried and blown the clay...


away God.
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