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Saturday, December 14, 2013


As I look out my window, facing west, the blue of the sky is peaking through the fluffy clouds. Snow is on the ground this December day. Christmas is in two weeks.My shopping is done.

I'm looking forward to being with family...This my 69th Christmas. Time goes so quickly.  My happiest

Christmas's have been since I became a mother and grandmother. I thank God he has given me
my family to love and cherish. They are great gifts in my life...I love them.

My white Christmas tree is lit.  Plum and teal bulbs...with white lights.

Have not wrapped presents yet.

If you have been reading my blog you know I have been thinking a lot about Jesus coming to earth.

When I was a child Christmas was never lasting happiness. There was expectation, but always an emptiness and disappointment. That satisfying moment was never there. The gifts were opened and it was over. I can only remember three Christmas presents...a bride doll, a Toni doll (she came with rollers for her hair), and a stereo when I was older.
They have long disappeared.

Christmas to me celebration. It is about birth.  The Gift that keeps on Giving. Jesus Christ is the Gift I have received. He never leaves me empty and disappointed, and still searching to fill that empty place.
He isn't under the tree...He is in my heart. I celebrate Him all year long.

I pray you have a wonderful Christmas and that Jesus, Emmanuel, "God with us", will be your true Gift  this Christmas.

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