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Monday, April 22, 2013


By Gloria Phifer

Surely He is with me as I open my eyes at birth

For He saw me in the beginning  at the foundation of the earth.

Surely He is with me as I breathe the breath of life

and follows my first footprints as I step into my stride.

Surely He is with me as I live a life a world of strife and chaos this world I feel alone.

Jesus is my spirit comprehends

But, what will be the changes if I give my life to Him?

Surely  He is with me as I hear Him call my name...

Calling to me softly... in the darkness of my day.

As I wonder in the wilderness He does not turn away...persistently He calls me ...

"Come to Me and stay."

My life unravels and my heart cries out in pain...if I come to Jesus what will I lose or what will I gain?

Surely He is with me when I turn and speak His my Savior

I surrender all I am.

Surely He is with me as I live my life each new

watching and keeping me tenderly

listening as I pray....

I know He is with me...
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