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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Deep darkness covered the blackness of the night.
The atmosphere was frigid.
Cold crept through the shadows of despair and hopelessness.
Long hours stretched into intense loneliness.

In the pitch blackness of the sky appeared the brightness of the Morning Star.
He appeared as a Beacon in the night.
Wrapped in His Presence...He shone into the despair.
He rose in the darkness of loneliness.
He whispered hope and the promise of a New Day...
A new beginning.

The bright Morning Star heralded the dawn.
The breaking of daylight crescents the horizon, banishing the despairing darkness.

Dawn rose on the wings of day bringing hope.
The Son arose in His glory!
His garments of light wrapped me with His protection and commanded the darkness to cease!

All praise to the Morning Star Who appeared in the darkness of my night.
The Son of Righteousness coming to me with healing in His Wings. (Malachi 4:2)

Sweet Savior, I love You and I give You, my Light and my Salvation...Praise!

By Gloria Phifer
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