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Thursday, August 16, 2012


  Christ the morning star is shining in my heart. His soft illuminous light is caressing my soul.

His beams of light are receding my darkness and He is setting me free.  His radiant heat is

energizing my mortal body, giving me healing, helping me walk in His fullness.

  His light shows the way for my steps to take.  He shines before me and makes darkness turn

to light.  He dispells all my fears and lovingly strengthens my character.

  His light shines through my eyes helping me see some of what He sees.

  The Morning Light has dawned in my soul, causing  the darkness of the night to be past.

  My soul has awakened as a sleeping bird before sunrise.

      The sky has turned from a soft-coming light, to a tinge of pink, to a beautiful sunrise; as I am

awakened out of my dead sleep into an abundant life.

  The air is clean and pure and I am covered with the dew of the Holy anointing

so pure and life, love and joy.

     My soul has New Life in Christ.

Gloria Phifer
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