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Thursday, June 21, 2012



Gloria Phifer
            The night was dark as pitch.  The waves roared and the wind blew as a gale.  The
Stars were blotted from view.  My boat rose and fell with each force of the waves.  My
Heart pounded with fear.   I was alone on the sea.
            Walking on the water, Jesus came to me.  In my terror I did not recognize Him.  His
Reassuring voice spoke comfort to my troubled heart, "Don't be afraid."

            "Lord, if it's You, let me come to you on the water."
            "Come," He invited.

            The waves were turbulent and the wind fierce.  With my eyes on Jesus, I stepped out of the rocking boat.  The water was cold but stable under my feet.  As I looked at Jesus,
The natural became supernatural.  He made the waves to become calm before me and I
Walked on the roughness of my sea.  In the storms of life, He bids me walk on the water, with faith in Him.

                                                            When waves roar and the wind is fierce,
                                                            Walk on the water with faith in Me.
                                                    When gale winds blow and the stars are blotted from view,
                                                            Walk on the water with faith in Me.
When you fear you are sinking and your circumstances look bleak,
                                                            Walk on the water with faith in Me.
Though the storm blows hard and the sails on the ship are blown away,
                        Walk on the water with faith in Me.
                         I Am the stabilizing force
                                                             I Am the calmer of the sea
                                                             I Am the safety in the storm
                                                                        Walk on the water to Me.
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