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Friday, May 11, 2012


                                                         A SOLITARY BEACON
                                                                 Gloria Phifer
I climbed the mountain one step at a time.  I was determined to reach the heights of fulfillment.  I was determined to meet my needs.
Leaving behind the beliefs, traditions and all morals that hindered, I clung to my mountain.  I clung to my goals to reach the ultimate where self would reign supreme.
It was exhilarating to leave all else behind.  Those things that had lost their value, in my estimation, were left far below while I climbed higher and higher to my pentacle.
I stood on the peak of my summit. I surveyed my domain… I was solitaire…alone.  I had reached my goal but…I found emptiness.  As a lonely beacon I swayed in the wind.
I scanned the range of purple and blue peaks.  To my minds vision, through the centuries of time, appeared another Beacon on a distant mountaintop.  The Beacon was a Man lifted up from the earth…His hands outstretched upon a cross.  One Solitary Figure surveying the world in His pain…giving His life because of His love.
The old beliefs I had left behind were no longer obsolete but were more real then my own self.  I knelt in humility before that One Solitary Figure…the Beacon for all mankind.   

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