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Thursday, April 26, 2012



Gloria Phifer

            He raised his proud head and stomped his feet, this wild unbroken steed.  His nostrils flared and quivered in anger and defiance.  His eyes darted in fear.  There were none who could break him and many there were that had tried.

            He belonged to no one!  He would not be controlled or trained, not him, for he belonged to himself and to himself alone.

            The Master studied the steed.  He could see the potential in his might.  Behind the stubbornness, was determination to be harnessed.  Behind the fierce pride was humility waiting to burst forth.  Behind the willfulness was character waiting to be produced.

            With great care, He Who had broken many a breed, approached the stallion.  The steed bolted and ran only to find his way fenced.

            The Master came closer…one step at a time…until He stood before the mighty stallion.  The eyes of the horse were wild, searching for escape.

            The Master spoke in gentle tones.  The steed’s eyes met the Masters and were transfixed by the love and kindness there.  Their gaze was locked, each weighing and trying the other.

            The steed struggled with an inward battle.  If he yielded to this Master he would no longer be his own.  He would not be free to run the ranges in wildness.  He would be submitting to the control of another.

            Slowly the Master reached out and tenderly touched the nose of the horse.  Gently He stroked the rough hide.

            At the Masters touch the self will of the stallion drained, leaving him vulnerable.  He lowered his proud head and allowed his mane to be caressed.

            The Master placed the bridal around the horses neck and for one instance he bolted.  Firmly and with determination the Master held on and the steed yielded.  The process of trust continued with the Master leading and the horse following.

            The Master prepared to ride by placing His garment upon the steed. This was the test.  Would the stallion allow the Master to be in full control?

            The steed turned his head and their eyes met again as the Master climbed onto his back.

            The Rider was on the mount.  All was still at first, then the steed moved haltingly around the fenced area and through the gate.  The slow pace became a trot and then, with hoofs thundering, the steed began his gallop.

            The ride was exhilarating for both the Rider and the stallion as they flew across the range.  The horse’s mane blew in the wind.  The Master was in full control!

            They were as one, the Master and the steed.

            The horse, no longer wild and proud, yielded to all the gentle nudging of his Rider.  His great strength was under his Owners reign.  He wondered to himself why he had ever feared.

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